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WalkFit: Easy Steps to a better Body
By Kathy Smith
*Out of Stock*
WalkFit: Easy Steps to a better Body 

Walking is the hottest trend in fitness today, and more people count it as their top form of exercise than any other activity. Walking is simple, easy on your body, and incredibly effective for burning fat and increasing agility and endurance.

Now, you can get the most out of an everyday walk by turning it into an effective fat burning workout with top fitness authority Kathy Smith.

This program includes four different walking workouts of increasing length and intensity so you can learn at your own speed. From a 30-minute beginners workout to a 60-minute advanced interval walk, Kathy explains how you can vary your stride, pace and arm swing for a workout that best fits your needs. And every time you walk, Kathy goes along to give you pointers on form, breathing, and to keep you motivated. So get ready to enjoy the benefits of walking with KATHY SMITH'S WALKFit!

$15.00 / 2 Audio cassettes

*Out of Stock*

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