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Healing Conversations
By Nance Guilmartin
Healing Conversations

We're often faced with uncomfortable situations where we're at a loss for words. A friend calls to tell you she's lost her job. A colleague's test results confirm it: he has cancer. The neighbors-who are like family-are moving. Your best friend's mother has Alzheimer's. Your spouse's father suddenly dies; she didn't get to say goodbye.
Can you help? Should you help?
What would be useful? What kinds of boundaries do we respect or lower?
How do we pause to listen between the lines of silence to comfort someone who is afraid or in pain? Can we ask for what would comfort us when we are the one having a rough time?
And are we able to receive it with grace?

Healing Conversations enables us to provide or ask for a new level of support when facing life's inevitable challenges, transitions, and losses- at work, at home, and in our community.

It is a practical guide to help you step into someone else's shoes so that you can offer, ask for, or receive comfort.Reflections at the end of each chapter help you think more deeply about how to incorporate the principles of healing conversations and intentional kindness into your life.

                                         $19.95 / Hard cover


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